PlayStation Eye hacked for desktop VR use

 ps eye

Wasn’t PS3 supposed to take us to the fourth dimension? Wasn’t it supposed to be like entering the Matrix? Right, Crazy Ken?

Well, it appears a lone PS3 developer wants that to happen. By utilizing a Eye camera and some homemade glasses, he’s created a VR program that tracks your head and gives the illusion of three dimensionality from your television. (Similar to this famous Wii hack.) It’s pretty cool — and even cooler is that he intends on making this code publically available to all PS3 developers. Hopefully, we’ll see a unique PSN title take advantage of something similar.


  1. Yeah that iz cool. People have been wating on that. But i would really like 2 know more about those glasses. If sony can pull that off i know 4sure the ps3 sales will surpass the wii and ps2. (tevin diggs) hardcore gamer

    • Jolly

      I’m sorry to disappoint you Tevin but there is absolutely nothing special about those glasses. It’s equivalent to duct taping 2 flashlights to the side of your head and replacing the light bulbs with inferred bulbs. All the calculations of the 2 inferred lights that the camera sees are done in the code.

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