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HypoSurface is the World’s first display system where the screen surface physically moves! Information and form are linked to give a radical new media technology: an info-form device.

The surface behaves like a precisely controlled liquid: waves, patterns, logos, even text emerge and fade continually within its dynamic surface. The human eye is drawn to physical movement, and this gives HypoSurface a basic advantage over other display systems.

HypoSurface Pneumatics

As a digital device, any input (sound, movement, an Internet feed…) can be linked to any output (logos, patterns, text…) This offers full interactivity with an audience, and a simple User Interface allows HypoSurface to be ‘tuned’ to any event, its wide range of effects choreographed easily (by you…)

HypoSurface uses powerful ‘information bus’ technology to control many thousands of moving actuators to deform a pliable surface, allowing high-speed movement of the screen surface. It is a highly effective info-tainment device!

The HypoSurface wall was the ultimate word of mouth virus at CeBIT, then in Hanover. Without any public relation work on our side, 17-20 international TV stations were queuing (from the first minute) to capture the first glimpse of this nonlinear, prototypic, authentic, never-seen-before, mass-media-eye-catcher. In viral science or viral medicine you call a viral marketing-contact-effect like this a ‘superspreader’, something that encounters no resistance. It is an audio-, visual- and physical- never-seen-before interactive live experience, an architectural-cybernetic-prototype with the dramaturgic magic and impact of a successful live performing pop-band!
Michael Dodt, Shopfiction, Frankfurt

Hyposurface uses:

HypoSurface is a versatile and hyper-effective display medium that is a pure people-magnet: it draws the eyes because no one has seen anything like it before. It captures the digital ‘mood’ that is in the air, and people are delighted to participate in its intelligent sensuality – they immerse themselves in the wonder of it.

Yet as a digital medium it is able to display any message or logo, all the more effective in their impact because of the surprise of their emergence from the fluid and luminous surface.

It can be used in trade shows to enhance a company’s image and message; it can be used at events as a magical crowd-pleaser; it can be used as pure entertainment, or as an interactive stage set; it’s for dancers and singers and DJs and VJs; it can be used as an outdoor billboard, pulsing with the city; it can be an interactive game – a total HypoSPACE; it can be HypoCeiling, it can be HypoFloor, it can be limitless, or small; it’s a Braille reader, or a dynamic mould; it tunes an auditorium, makes waves at a ballgame, sets children screaming with delight; its whatever you imagine it to be – and more….

It’s a revolution as information and form fuse to give a never-seen-before physical reciprocity: “you = me” said Muhammed Ali.

Every once in a rare while a product or experience is brought into the world that shifts persepctive, ignites curiously and charges us to design beyond our imaginations. HypoSurfac is one of these rare inventions. The HypoSurface™ itself is like an organism; responsive, stunning and organic in nature. It is captivating and full of endless possibilities. The HypoSurface will transform any event, environment and experience into a talked-about one!
Jody Levy, O2 Creative Solutions, Detroit

HypoSurface detail


HypoSurface display systems are modular plug-and-play devices, designed for ease of transportation, installation and use. We ship as many modules as you need, and all the necessary equipment. A HypoSurface technician comes for the duration of the event to supervise and instruct on all aspects of its usage.

Typically, compressed air, electricity and lighting are provided by you, but HypoSurface can simplify the logistics by taking care of everything. We can also work with you to create customized effects and logos/messaging, and you can come to HypoSurface Corp in Cambridge for a pre-event demo.

The User Interface is easy to use, and allows you to control your own event, like a DJ. If you prefer, we can provide operators to offer enhanced interactivity and effects. HypoSurface can be made fully automatic, but we find that a DJ offers more dynamic interaction with an audience, constantly ‘tuning’ the event to people.The HypoSurface can be made responsive to the sound and movement of people, a quite radical new ‘event-space’! Combined with sophisticated sound, lighting and projection systems, the HypoSurface is a truly unique experience.

HypoSurface Wall

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