Interactive Wall by Barragán + Aitken

Pared interactiva 14

It is an interactive wall that responds to the proximity of the people offered a luminous answer on its surface.

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This magical effect to approach the wall active constellations conformed by hundreds of points of white light that appear on the translucent surface due to the sensors that detect its presence, generating at the same time the impression of to be drawing with the light. The people then can use this wall to be expressed, to play, to be communicated or to carry out collective creations on its surface using its body as instrument.

Pared interactiva 24

The limitations of the low resolution seek to stimulate new forms of car-expression and communication offering the possibility that simpler languages emerge. The spatial structure is transcended in the space of a luminous wall, influencing the topology of the space affecting and altering the relations among the people al surrounding. People that be near, they will be seen suddenly wrapped in new types of interaction that before they were not possible or appropriate, stimulating the social explorations. This contact in spite of being halfway through can come break the spatial barriers and sicológicas that are presented among the people that they share a space in a moment given.

Pared interactiva 34

This work explores the possibility of commercial designs of vanguard in tangible media, expanding the borders in the way in which the media, the art, the architecture and the design can be united, a re-configurable construction blocks product with qualities of different interaction, with the ones that they can be stimulated and to cause encounters, frictions and in a way more significant social collisions and amusing.

Pared interactiva 44


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