KineticDress by CuteCircuit, 2004

KineticDress by CuteCircuit, 2004

The system
The KineticDress is sewn of an elastic textile embedded with sensors that follows closely the body of the wearer. The sensors are able to capture the wearer’s movements and interaction with others and display this data through the electroluminescent embroidery that covers the external skirt section of the dress.
Depending on the amount and speed of the wearer’s movement the electroluminescent embroidery changes pattern, displaying the wearer’s mood to the audience and creating a magic halo around her.
The algorithmic program that controls the KineticDress is designed to follow the pace of the wearer: a still pose, when sitting alone shows a black dress, when the wearer starts moving and interacting with others the dress slowly lights up with a blue-circles pattern that moving creates a magic halo around the wearer.

The KineticDress is part of the TransforMe collection developed for the NEMO Science Museum event ‘How Smart Are You Dressed Tomorrow?’ held in Amsterdam on November 6th 2004. The Transfor-Me collection was developed to demonstrate how the combination of interaction design and smart textiles can change the field of fashion design adding meaning and playfulness to commonly used garments such as skirts and dresses. Additionally transformable and interactive garments changing their appearance through the day or during any activity of the wearer stimulates personal interaction and communication.


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